Month: <span>October 2022</span>

Windows 12 is coming… here’s what we know so far

<p>While Windows 11 is only just celebrating its first birthday, we’re already hearing our first rumours about what Windows 12 will have in store. There’s no rush for the time being – we won’t see this new operating system until the back end of 2024 – but we love to be ready for what’s coming next, so here’s what we know … </p> <div><a href="" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>
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Are you using Teams to share sensitive data?

<p>Microsoft Teams has fast become one of THE most useful business tools for the way we work today. No matter where your people work from, they can communicate and collaborate quickly and reliably. But this remote way of working can also open the door to some MAJOR security issues. New research shows that nearly HALF of employees frequently share confidential … </p> <div><a href="" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>
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